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Veterans Who Suffer From Asbestos Exposure

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Although veterans deserve respect and a healthy lifestyle after their sacrifices, the sad truth is that many don’t end up getting much out of their service. For example, many veterans end up getting exposed to dangerous elements, like asbestos, while in the service. And this exposure can lead to life-changing diseases that a good trust fund may help compensate for in some limited circumstances.

Why Veterans are at an Asbestos Risk

Decades ago, the dangers of asbestos were realized and it was banned in just about every industry in the nation. However, veterans around the world still suffer from excessive exposure to asbestos and experience lifelong side effects. How is this even possible? The problem lies in overseas work, as asbestos is still used in many countries, particularly on international waters where national restrictions do not apply.

As a result, many veterans may find themselves exposed to this dangerous material without even realizing it. Many likely assume that the government has taken control of this situation and is protecting them. While the government isn’t deliberately exposing these individuals to asbestos, there isn’t much they can do to force overseas nations to change their laws to benefit American soldiers.

This exposure is typically highest in a variety of different industries throughout the military, including mining operations, working in shipyards, installing insulation, most milling processes, and manufacturing many carpentry materials. Unfortunately, asbestos exposure may trigger a myriad of health problems that could threaten a veteran’s life.

Diseases That They May Experience

Veterans exposed to asbestos are likely to develop a variety of different diseases. While asbestos exposure doesn’t guarantee that any of these conditions will occur, it does increase their likelihood almost exponentially. In fact, two of the most common conditions caused by this asbestos exposure are almost exclusively connected to it and rarely occur otherwise. Just a few of these problems include:

  • Asbestosis – A disease caused solely by asbestos exposure, it triggers a hardening of the muscle tissue throughout the lungs that may make it harder to breathe and which may contribute to a variety of other health issues that may also be related to asbestos exposure.
  • Lung Cancer – Although tobacco smoking and pollution remain the most common triggers for lung cancer, asbestos is also a dangerous component. A large number of veterans suffer from asbestos-related lung cancer every year, especially since tobacco use is still common in the military.
  • Mesothelioma – A once nearly unheard-of cancer, this condition occurs due to heavy asbestos exposure. It causes cancerous tumors throughout the tissue around the lungs and other organs in the body, spreading rapidly and triggering potentially deadly consequences.

The severity of these diseases can be debilitating enough to threaten a veteran’s life or severely shorten it. As a result, it is important for these individuals to get the compensation that they deserve for their suffering. Thankfully, mesothelioma trust funds are available that help to provide a little compensation for those who experience long-term and life-changing health problems caused by asbestos exposure.

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